Overview Recruiting and Screening Training
Recruiting and Screening
One of the most critical components of providing quality security officer services at your facility is attracting quality people. At Sovereign Security, the specific needs of your facility are incorporated into the recruitment, screening and hiring processes. Some of the many recruitment resources we actively use include: Veterans Administration and other Veterans organizations, open houses, police and fire departments, job fairs, internet and newspaper advertising. With recruiters, recruiting managers and background screeners in place, Sovereign Security commits more dedicated resources, time and personnel to this discipline than most others in our industry. Every step of the way, our human resources processes are designed to ensure we employ only the best-qualified individuals for your security program.

Initial screening
Initial conversations with applicants provide an opportunity to evaluate whether they fit several basic requirements, i.e., proximity of their home to available accounts, scheduling availability, demeanor, attitude and communications skills. These result in scheduling a time for the prospective employee to complete an application and formally interview with a member of our district office recruiting team.

Application review
Careful analysis of completed applications focuses on work history, stability and gaps in employment.

The initial in-person interview affords the opportunity to assess punctuality, appearance and neatness, as well as to clarify points of the candidate’s application. Multiple interviews may be conducted by different members of the office staff to broaden the base of assessment for each candidate as required.

Reference checks
Both personal and employer references are contacted for character traits and employment verification. If anything seems questionable, Sovereign Security contacts the applicant for clarification and then re-checks the information. If our concerns are not addressed appropriately, the conditional offer is withdrawn.

Criminal background checks
Where required, fingerprints are taken and submitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency for a detailed background investigation. Statewide criminal checks are also conducted when required by states. In all cases, Sovereign Security conducts a criminal history check via an experienced third party. Sovereign Security can supply customers with more specific information about our background check procedures if requested.

Drug testing
As part of our commitment to a drug-free workplace, all candidates, where permitted by law, are given an on-site five-panel drug test. Candidates must be drug-free to qualify for employment. Off-site drug tests are available upon client request.

Motor vehicle report
If a vehicle will be utilized at your facility, any officer designated to drive a vehicle will be subjected to an initial Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) check, and annually thereafter.